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How Our Franchise Opportunities Attract Investors in Florida

Cayce Lyle | December 10, 2022
attract investors in florida

In recent years, an increasing amount of savvy entrepreneurs have found considerable levels of success in starting a new business venture in the state of Florida. Florida boasts a number of business-friendly markets and a growing consumer population, especially compared to other states in the country. That said, it can be difficult for new businesses to stand out as industries become more competitive. To have the best chance of achieving the full success possible in the state, entrepreneurs will want to find a business opportunity that offers enough reasons to attract investors in Florida.

A Miami Grill franchise can do exactly that, thanks in part to our decorated history and how it has allowed us to build the ideal franchise opportunity in Florida today. We rose to prominence in Florida as Miami Subs many years ago and forged a bond that allowed us to focus on opening locations throughout the state and beyond. Everything about Miami Grill is Florida to our core, from our logo, branding, and marketing to the menu items we make and the in-store experience that we create for customers. It’s no surprise that so many of our franchisees have been able to realize the business potential that exists in the state of Florida through the success of their Miami Grill franchise locations.

Why Florida Consumers Love and Support Us

Florida natives often look at us with a strong sense of nostalgia for the many memories they created and enjoyed while eating at their local Miami Grill location in years past. From starting as a single upscale sub shop in Key West, our brand quickly grew as we opened new locations throughout Florida. As our footprint expanded, so did our menu, which was a key part of our ability to incorporate the many diverse tastes prevalent across the state.

While other brands focused on keeping the same corporate identity, Floridians were flocking to Miami Grill locations because our menus and store environments so uniquely and authentically matched their communities. Soon enough, we had expanded to over 200 units in operation, including quite a few locations in states other than Florida.

Today, we’re looking to revive those nostalgic memories by re-entering the many Florida markets we so heavily populated in the years prior. Florida consumers will likely be able to recapture and share that nostalgia with family, friends, colleagues, and neighbors new and old. This excitement is part of what separates our quick-service restaurant (QSR) opportunity from the other franchises in Florida.

Our Potential Is Not Limited to Florida: Your Investment Can Take You to Other States

With how heavily our brand identity and story are linked to Florida, it is normal to question how our QSR franchise opportunities might perform in other states. As we mentioned previously, Miami Grill has helped franchisees open and operate successful stores in markets outside of Florida before. Our franchisor support has helped entrepreneurs generate strong returns on investment in 13 different states at one time, not including Florida.

This support includes real estate development and site selection assistance, which are critical to a QSR franchise’s chances of success no matter what market they are entering. The Miami Grill team also offers a training program to fully immerse each new entrepreneur who partners with us to open a franchise. We also conduct plenty of market research to help develop the best opening plan possible to help each new location form connections with local consumers.

Our menu is built first and foremost on authentic and fresh flavors that resonate with customers from all over the country, not just the state of Florida. Consumers in other markets also respect that we have remained true to our roots, even after all these years, which is something that other national brands struggle to do. The Florida-inspired vibe and taste available at a Miami Grill franchise are enough to draw in curious first-time customers, as well as former Floridians who moved out of state and have been eagerly awaiting an opportunity to visit a Miami Grill location again.

At Miami Grill, we know that to attract investors in Florida and beyond, we must continue to build upon the authenticity and connection our brand has established with consumers over the years. At the same time, our commitment to meeting the tastes and demands of the modern QSR customer is something that also remains top of mind. The success of our individual franchisees and their locations fuels the overall success of the Miami Grill brand, which is why we make our franchisees a top priority in our business goals and plans for the future.

Ready to get started investing in a Miami Grill franchise opportunity for yourself? Reach out to us today and begin your journey as part of our brand family!

*As reported in item 19 of our upper quartile units in the 2021 FDD. **As reported by the 26 franchisee-owned restaurants that were open for the entire 2020 and 2021 calendar years.

A new franchisee's results may vary from the represented performance. There is no assurance that you will do as well and you must accept that risk.

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