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What Helps Our Franchise and Business Opportunities Succeed

Cayce Lyle | December 24, 2022
franchise and business opportunities

When starting a new business venture, many different factors determine its chances of succeeding. In fact, there can be so many aspects that need to be accounted for and managed that it often proves too much for one person to handle on their own. While some persist in following a traditional small business model, forward-thinking entrepreneurs often recognize the value of partnering with a well-established brand to open a franchise. When it comes to franchise and business opportunities in the fast-casual restaurant industry, few brands do as much to help their franchisees succeed as Miami Grill does.

The Miami Grill team has been able to create successful franchise opportunities thanks in large part to a rich brand history that spans four decades. With a clearly defined brand identity that matches that of our passionately loyal customer base, Miami Grill has re-emerged in recent years as a legacy brand with plenty of growth potential for the future. We are committed to proving that the partnerships we form with our franchisees are capable of being profitable for all parties involved and that the success of their individual Miami Grill locations is a top priority for us as an overall brand.

We Help Franchisees Get Off the Ground

Regardless of market or industry, those looking to start a new business face a heavy workload in order to successfully launch a new venture on their own. Franchising can solve this to a degree, but not all brands will provide the same level or quality of franchisor support. Miami Grill draws upon our decades of experience in the quick-service restaurant (QSR) industry to help build a process that keeps our franchisees as central decision-makers without leaving them to handle everything on their own.

Once they enter our franchising partnership, Miami Grill franchisees are joined by members of our corporate team to help them select an ideal site to open the franchise. Our team works to identify key areas with real estate that meet our brand’s standards for a Miami Grill location while also ensuring the site offers the space and capabilities that a franchisee will expect. Together with our franchisees, we strive to select real estate sites that remain within a realistic and affordable investment cost range without harming the profit potential of the franchise.

Before opening the doors of a new Miami Grill location, each franchisee completes our immersive training program to prepare them for life as a fast-casual franchise owner. This training fully educates our franchisees on what differentiates our Miami Grill franchise from the typical fast-food franchise opportunities they may have encountered previously by covering what they can expect as a Miami Grill franchisee and what we expect in terms of their delivering a superior customer experience at their location. 

Support That Goes Beyond The Grand Opening

Many franchisors in the quick-service restaurant (QSR) industry will leave their franchisees to sink or swim once they have opened their locations for business. At Miami Grill, we continue to remain in close contact with each franchisee to offer the additional support they will likely need.

A prime example of this ongoing support is the technology that we implement and regularly invest in to make our Miami Grill franchise locations operate at higher levels. Each store utilizes fully integrated cloud-based point-of-sale systems on easy-to-use platforms. Our back-end system allows franchise owners a central window into tracking critical business operations, such as finances, inventory, staffing, reporting, and more. It’s our aim to make things as transparent as possible for Miami Grill franchisees so that nothing sneaks up on them and they are as prepared as they can be for whatever comes their way.

This technology also works to improve the customer experience at each store. All our franchise models come with drive-thru service capabilities for expedited service that the modern consumer is often in need of and searching for. Miami Grill stores also use self-ordering kiosk systems and interactive tablets that facilitate a faster checkout process, impressing guests and motivating them to return for future meals. We also regularly test new technology at the forefront of the QSR industry, such as voice recognition for drive-thru ordering, to further optimize labor expenses for our franchisees.

With so many franchise and business opportunities available for entrepreneurs to consider investing in, we at Miami Grill are committed to proving why franchising with us is a smart business decision to make. Our ongoing support for franchisees is among the best that can be found in the fast-casual restaurant industry, and it is a claim that we are prepared to validate from the very first day of each new franchising partnership that we enter into!

Tired of looking at fast-food franchise opportunities that offer little support? Learn how our franchising opportunity could be the right one for you. Visit our website today to learn why Miami Grill could be the best option on the market!

*As reported in item 19 of our upper quartile units in the 2021 FDD. **As reported by the 26 franchisee-owned restaurants that were open for the entire 2020 and 2021 calendar years.

A new franchisee's results may vary from the represented performance. There is no assurance that you will do as well and you must accept that risk.

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